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Backroads Touring Company


Check In: 08:30|Check Out: 18:00
Hours: 8 AM until 6 PM

Fresh Air... Open Spaces... Small Groups

Backroads Touring Company is your friendly connection to some of the best and most scenic natural areas in South East Queensland and beyond.

We offer you:

Friendly small group atmosphere. Leave the hordes and their schedules to the motorways.
Specialised vehicles to get you there and back in safety and comfort
Experienced, well travelled drivers/guides, who love their career and their country
Down to earth traveling style, with a focus on nature and the great outdoors
Seasonally programmed visits to diverse destinations which will enable you to explore and learn more about this wonderful country of ours
Walking is a healthy and enjoyable way to explore. Walking features in some of our programs.
A selection of multi-day holiday trips throughout the year: exploring "The Backroads"
Specialist charter services for special interest groups

Terms & Conditions Thank you for choosing to travel with Backroads Touring Company. Please read the following Terms & Conditions Of Travel as they are relevant for everybody's benefit. Tours and excursions are advertised in good faith. They are however subject to change or alteration whether it be content program vehicle timetable or route by factors outside our control. Factors include but are not limited to weather road track conditions illness or injury of participants breakdown of vehicles or where in the opinion of tour leader a potentially safety issue exists. If we cancel your tour you will be offered: An unconditional 100 % refund or an alternative tour at the same price as the one we cancelled. If you cancel your booking: - within 48 hours of departure you will forfeit 50% of your tour price. - within 24 hours of departure there will be no refund. - or fail to board the bus on the day of departure you are not entitled to any refund. It is your responsibility to be at the appointed departure point with sufficient time to board your bus. You are responsible for the safety health and security of yourself and your belongings. Backroads Touring Co its agents contractors and any appointed person or entity acting as an authorized representative will not be held responsible in any way for any accident injury death ill health theft or damage to property however caused. Your safety is our concern and your responsibility. If in any situation you consider your health safety well-being or security is or is likely to be compromised it is your responsibility to notify our representative and not participate further in the activity or situation until you are sure of your safety. You are obligated to comply with the directions and instructions of Backroads Touring Company’s representatives. Any person causing disharmony within the group causing wilful damage to property or compromising the safe

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