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Beenleigh Artisan Distillery


Hours: 10am - 5pm

Beenleigh Rum – The rum for Australians, made by Australians since 1884.


Beenleigh is Australia's original rum. Created before any other rum in the country. Created before even Coca Cola was invented. And over 130 years later, they're still making rum the traditional, "boutique" way. Still operating from their original stone building upon the banks of the Albert River at Eagleby. Still exclusively sourcing Australia's finest molasses from the country's only remaining family-owned sugar mill. And still pot stilling using their original copper equipment. They then age every drop of their golden liquid gracefully in handmade oak brandy barrels to create Beenleigh's distinctive, luscious flavour and its velvety smooth finish. Making it perfect for sipping neat over ice. Like only a truly great rum can be.

The Beenleigh Artisan Distillery only accepts bookings made with 24 hours notice. Cancellations and refunds are decided with the operators discretion taking into account individual circumstances.

142 Distillery Rd, Beenleigh, QLD, 4207, Australia