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Outback Queensland



We invite you to be mesmerised and inspired by Outback Queensland, where the land and the people tell Australia's story. Experience a road trip, take a train or fly over our wide open lands, once part of a prehistoric inland sea . From red deserts to luscious waterholes, the Outback is waiting to be discovered.

The natural unspoilt wonders and inspirational museums and monuments here are more than just tourist attractions. See Australia’s story through the eyes of the stockmen, explorers and aviation pioneers who paved the way for a thriving modern Australia. The history you remember from your school books will come to life before your eyes!

Whether you choose to tag along on a tour or be your own travel guide, there is plenty to see and do. Don’t forget to add some Outback Queensland’s signature events to your itinerary, where you'll have the eventure of a lifetime with your family and friends. If exploring the great outdoors and reconnecting with this ancient country and its people are what you’re looking for; then Outback Queensland is for you. Go on, get out there! 


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