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Brisbane Hot Air Ballooning - Fly Me to the Moon


Fly Me To The Moon Hot Air Ballooning provides Brisbane's best hot air ballooning, one hour flights are scheduled daily. We are ranked as one of Australia's most professional ballooning companies and have been widely recognised as amongst the best of Brisbane's tourist attractions.

When you choose to go ballooning with Fly Me To The Moon you are choosing to fly with Australia’s Most Awarded Pilot and Australia's only current world record holder. We are market leaders and innovators and there are many reasons why you should choose us. As the first 'environmentally certified’ ballooning company in Australia we have demonstrated our commitment to providing a sustainable adventure experience for our clients.

Our passengers are very important to us and we know that you want your ballooning experience to be safe, pleasurable and memorable. We have a team who are passionate about ballooning and who will go out of their way to make sure that your ballooning experience exceeds your expectations.

A hot air ballooning experience is a fantastic gift idea and we can provide beautifully presented, open dated gift vouchers for that special occasion.

If you are searching for things to do in Brisbane then you are in the right place, Brisbane ballooning is sensational! Choosing which Brisbane ballooning company to fly with is an important decision. There are significant differences between what our competitors offer and what we deliver.


Fly Me To The Moon, established in 1996, is operated by Steve and Trish Griffin. Steve is Australia’s Most Awarded Balloon Pilot and Australia's only current world record holder.

Your Hot Air Balloon Brisbane flight experience is spectacular. We meet our passengers at Toowong Park, Sylvan Road, Toowong (infront of the West's Bulldogs Rugby Union Club) just before sunrise (time varies throughout the year; you will be advised of the meeting time when your flight is confirmed). After your pilot completes a final weather check you are transported to one of our suburban launch sites where you get to see the balloon prepared for flight.

We use a variety of launch sites located around the city to ensure the best possible flight. We aim to have the balloon drift over the river allowing unparralled views of the city and surrounding suburbs. It is common for the in-flight views to extend north beyond the Glasshouse Mountains, south beyond the Gold Coast and Border Ranges and east out to Moreton Bay and the islands.

After a flight lasting approximately one hour, we land the balloon and pack it away before heading to the Sofitel for breakfast where you can celebrate the morning with your pilot and new found friends in adventure.

After breakfast we transport you back to our meeting point at Toowong. We recommend that you should allow at least four hours for your ballooning experience.

Important: Please ensure that all members of your party have been made aware of the following conditions. These Terms and Conditions apply to all flight bookings and gift certificate purchases made with Fly Me To The Moon its agents or representatives including Bookeasy. Your acceptance of these conditions is a term of supply of the Services. By paying for and accepting supply of the Service you agree to be bound by these conditions. If you do not accept these conditions you should contact Fly Me To The Moon immediately and prior to accepting supply of the Service. 1. Definitions Service refers specifically to the hot air ballooning products offered by Fly Me To The Moon including accommodation and customized activities arranged by agreement. Service Operator refers to Fly Me To The Moon or any independent contractor supplying / delivering the services to you under the your Agreement with Fly Me To The Moon. 2. Liability Under no circumstances will Fly Me To The Moon be liable for direct indirect consequential or incidental damages including but not limited to lost or damaged property lost profits or savings or damages for disappointment. Fly Me To The Moon may arrange for the hot air ballooning to be performed under a ‘code-sharing’ arrangement i.e. it may subcontract another ballooning company to provide you with your flight. In such instances Fly Me To The Moon accepts no liability in connection with such services or for any loss injury or damage to or in respect of any person or property. Fly Me To The Moon reserves the right to alter contents of products and location when deemed necessary. Fly Me To The Moon does however warrant providing services of equal value. 3. Alteration and Cancellation of a Booking In the unfortunate event you should have to alter/cancel your booking certain fees & conditions apply: If you wish to ALTER your flight booking: Within 72 hours prior to a weekday flight no changes are permitted. Between 72 hours and 7 days prior to a weekday flight - a $50 per person rebooking fee will be charged; your flight will need to be re-scheduled on a weekday flight only excluding public holidays. 7 days or more prior to a weekday flight – a $25 per person rebooking fee will be charged. Weekend and Public Holiday dates: flight dates cannot be altered within 7 days prior to a flight. 7 days or more prior – a $25 per person rebooking fee will be charged. If you wish to CANCEL & receive a refund: Within 72 hours prior to a weekday flight you will not receive a refund. Between 72 hours and 7 days prior to a weekday flight - a $50 per person cancellation fee will be deducted from your refund. 7 days or more prior to a weekday flight – a $25 per person cancellation fee will be deducted from your refund. Weekend and Public Holiday dates: bookings cancelled within 7 days prior to a flight cannot be refunded. 7 days or more prior – a $25 per person cancellation fee will be charged. All requests for a refund must be made in writing. You will lose the full cost of your flight if you fail to show up for your flight. You may send someone else in your place if you wish – please let us know the name weight and contact details of the replacement person before the flight. You cannot receive a refund on any trips booked using a gift certificate. (See Section 4) NB: Separate cancellation and alteration provisions apply to large groups and customized events. These are specified on the group booking documentation supplied. Fly Me To The Moon reserves the right to amend these fees and notice periods. 4. Agent Bookings Flight Bookings and Gift Certificates or Vouchers purchased via a booking agent may be subject to additional or varied conditions to those detailed in Fly Me To The Moon's Booking Terms and Conditions. Customers are advised to determine the acceptability of the agent's terms of sale prior to purchasing a service or voucher from an agent. 5. Gift Certificates Gift certificates are valid only when fully paid by the purchaser or distributor. Gift Certificates cannot be redeemed for cash or refunded in part or full. Certificates are transferable provided the original certificate is first returned to Fly Me To The Moon and the original recipient of the certificate grants written approval for the transfer. Any certificate that is transferred is valid only for the period indicated thereon. Once the certificate has been redeemed (i.e. the trip date has been booked) all other terms relating to Alteration and Cancellation (see Section 3) apply however the value remains non-refundable. Should you need to extend the validity of your gift certificate beyond the normal 12 months reinstatement fees apply: $50 – 3 month extension; $100 - 6 month extension. 6. Weather Mechanical Staffing Other Safety Conditions Hot air ballooning relies on suitable weather conditions in order to proceed safely. Flights may be dependant on mechanical performance or staffing availability. When conditions are deemed by Fly Me To The Moon to be unsuitable or unsafe to proceed then trips may not go ahead on the scheduled date. Similarly a trip may be postponed due to less than minimum numbers being achieved. Our flights may not always fly over the central business district (CBD/city area). Whilst our pilots will endeavour to fly as close to the CBD as possible our flight path is determined by the most up to date meteorological conditions to ensure the safest possible flight for all concerned. In the unfortunate event that a Service must be delayed rescheduled or cancelled due to any of the above factors Fly Me To The Moon will hold payment in credit and offer alternative booking dates. Any request for refund will be treated as per cancellation terms listed in Section 3 above. Fly Me To The Moon will not accept any liability for travel accommodation inconvenience or other costs incurred or lost through such cancellation. International interstate and country visitors should factor the possibility of short notice cancellation. 7. Rebooking Your Flight If your flight has been cancelled due to inclement weather conditions please contact our office as soon as possible to rebook. Payment received for your flight will be held in credit and applied to the rebooking. Rebooking must be done within 12 months of the first cancelled flight date. There will be no refunds for bookings held on our system for longer than 6 months. 8. Your Responsibility Flight Reconfirmation: You should re-confirm your flight 72 hours prior to your flight. It is your responsibility to ensure you arrive at the designated meeting place prior to the advised meeting time. You should have received booking confirmation details of your flight; please notify the Fly Me To The Moon office immediately and prior to your flight date if you do not have this information. Follow the Pilot & Crew Instructions: In the interests of safety you undertake to follow the advice and instructions of the pilot and ground crew comply with any local codes of conduct and act sensibly and prudently at all times. You also agree to indemnify Fly Me To The Moon its owners officers and employees for all losses and/or damage arising from any act or default on your part or the part of a member of your party. Under no circumstances at any time during supply of the Services should you or a member of your party be under the influence of drugs or alcohol nor should you take medication that could affect or impair your judgment at this time. Pre-existing Medical Conditions: Check with your medical practitioner if you have a pre-existing medical condition that may be affected by the physical nature of hot air ballooning. You agree to indemnify Fly Me To The Moon its owners officers and employees against any incident related to your health occurring during or after supply of the Services. Personal Belongings: Personal belongings including cameras and videos taken on board are carried at your own risk. Clothing: Ballooning is an outdoor adventure activity and Fly Me To The Moon cannot be held liable for damage to any clothing. We recommend wearing runners jeans or slacks and shirt. Light or white coloured clothing should be avoided. High heel shoes are not permitted. 9. Photography Fly Me To The Moon takes photographs during your flight which are available for purchase by guests who participate in the flight. By travelling with Fly Me To The Moon you are accepting that you assign all copyright to Fly Me To The Moon & acknowledge that Fly Me To The Moon has & reserves the right to use such publicity photos videos and/or films in any medium & in any reasonable manner whatsoever without payment or notification to you. 10. Entry Restrictions Passengers Weight: For safety Fly Me To The Moon does not fly passengers weighing 115 kg or more. Infants & Children: Children are welcome but must be accompanied by a paying adult. For safety children must be able to see over the edge of the basket (1.2m high)unaided by any person or object generally this will mean that they must be 1.3 m or taller. CASA regulations prohibit the carriage of persons under 3 years old. Adult prices will apply from age 13 upwards. Passengers with Disabilities: Passengers with disabilities are able to fly in a balloon although CASA regulations do apply some restrictions. CASA requires that all passengers are able to embark and disembark a balloon basket unassisted. For their safety and that of their fellow passengers they must be able to follow the pilots directions as required. Our balloon flights last for about an hour and passengers need to be able to stand for that time and be able to adopt the crouched landing position for landing. No wheelchair facilities are available. Pregnancy: Women at any stage of their pregnancy are not permitted to fly. Flying after Diving: Passengers are not permitted to fly within 24 hours of completing a single no-decompression dive within 48 hours of a series of decompression dives or within 7 days of any dives requiring decompression or any technical (mixed gas) dives.

Toowong Park, Sylvan Road, Toowong and 249 Turbot Street, Brisbane 4000